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Recession Money

100 Things They Never Taught Us In School Playbook

100 Things They Never Taught Us In School Playbook

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Imagine this .. 

you’re able to get out of debt, set your kids up for generational wealth, live financially free, and travel the world because you educated yourself and learned the things they NEVER taught us in school. That's what people all over the world are doing right now.. and you can be a part of it!

Listen ...

If you’re looking to learn vital information to escape the broken system we’re living in, then this will be the most important page you’ll ever read.

Here’s why...

I’m telling you this because we’re at the golden age of opportunity…

We are in the biggest wealth transfer of our lifetime and the easiest time to become a millionaire. Literally.

Im talking about the 2022 recession. Take the Great Depression for example. 

It is a little known fact that more millionaires were made during The Great Depression than in any other era in U.S. history.

But that opportunity is over. 

And remember, not all business ventures or opportunities are made equal. We can take advantage of that. 

Imagine if we were among one of the millionaires made in the Great Depression …

Well, today we have an equally exciting opportunity.

The 2022 recession. 

But that sad part is.. if things don’t change and we don’t start educating ourselves.. Majority of us will never get to capitalize on it. The rich will continue to get richer while the poor stays poor. 

A recent study stated that 61% or 203 Million Americans are Living Paycheck To Paycheck, Up from 55% a Year Ago.  

Not only that, it stated 33.5 million Americans spent more than they earned in the past six months. 

Those numbers are staggering, but it’s really no surprise because we simply were never taught about financial literacy in school.

The public education system we currently know has been around for more than 150 years. However, the basic schooling model and much of the information remains the same. 

We were never taught about investing, taxes, entrepreneurship, how to build your credit, etc. School doesn't prepare us for the real world. 

This is very intentional..

They want to keep us stuck in the rat race and living paycheck to paycheck. 

When you don’t have to worry about bills & where your next meal is going to come you have time to think. That makes you extremely dangerous.

That’s why it is designed for us to never reach that level. If you’re always in survival mode you will never have time or energy to maximize your potential. 

This is why financial literacy is so important. Financial literacy is the key to building generational wealth and living financially free. 


Many people would literally *kill* to be in your shoes.

You’re way ahead of the curve simply by being interested in this kind of information not taught in school. Remember how not every business opportunity is made equal?

If you learn about financial literacy and the things they never taught us in school, you’ll put yourself right at the “unequal” side of the business and potentially make life changing income. 

Being that you're so early, all the beginners that come won't be able to compete with your skills and knowledge putting you at the top. 

Especially now where it’s almost impossible to find anyone willing to teach these kinds of things 

But I have some good news for you. 

Introducing “100 Things They Never Taught Us In School”


Listen, you need to become financially literate in order to maximize your potential and build generational wealth. This is why we decided to create 100 Things They Never Taught Us In School with over 120 pages of valuable information. 

In it, you’ll learn about:

  • Personal finance 
  • Budgeting 
  • Credit and debt
  • Career Planning
  • Real Estate
  • Investing 
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Taxes 
  • Retirement saving

And much more!

 If you invest now and apply the information, all you need is one right move to make your money back from this ebook!

So if you’re ready to join the financial freedom movement … 

And learn 100 things they never taught us in school tap the ADD TO CART button on this page to get instant access now for just $14.99!


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